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 Rainbow Hematite is a stone for the mind. It provides protection, strength, alertness, agility, stamina,  and guidance in the face of adversity. It guides to find inner power to boost self confidence and overcome self imposed limitations. It keeps a body grounded by connecting to the energies of the Earth alleviating feelings of worry and unneeded stress. It can reveal to a person what they are missing in their life leading to making changes towards a more meaningful life. Hematite also absorbs negative energy preventing it from affecting the physical body. It is a great crystal for anyone that is working towards raising the bar in their life and achieving new heights. 


  • Protection and Grounding
  • Release of Self-imposed Limitations 


Please note: Crystals vary by size and color and may not match depictions.

Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

  • All sales are final. If an item arrives damaged please contact us with a photo of the damaged product. Upon review we will send you a new one, however we reserve the right to refuse this courtesy on a case by case basis.

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