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Amethyst helps the holder identify and recover from addictions or addictive relationships, while also helping to relieve headaches, migraines, electronic eye strain, nightmares and insomnia.  It can also be used for a vast array of physical ailments and injuries.  It is highly regarded as a physical healing stone.


Amethyst is also well known as a reliever of stress & anxiety while encouraging  inner strength.  Its purple hue gives is the power of healing and transmuting energy.  This means it can transform negative energy to positive loving energy.  This imbues a feeling of positive self esteem and a connection with the divine.


Healing Stone, Cleansing Stone, Stress, Anxiety, Sobriety, Transmute Energy,  Headaches, Insomnia, Nightmares, Physical Ailments, Injuries,  Electronic Protection, Calm, Confidence


Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


Please note: Crystals vary by size and color and may not match depictions.

Tumbled Amethyst

  • All sales are final. If an item arrives damaged please contact us with a photo of the damaged product. Upon review we will send you a new one, however we reserve the right to refuse this courtesy on a case by case basis.

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