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Bloodstone is known to revitalize energy and create a new protective path for your body to enjoy. It will bring a bright burst of vitality to anyone experiencing darkness and facing hard situations. It has been said to help with any situations of blood disorders and immune issues. This includes detoxification of the lymphatic systems, in support of the kidneys, liver and lungs.


Bloodstone protects the human biological field from negative influences in the environment. 


Also known as the Martyr's Stone, Bloodstone reminds us that with each leap and change in our life, comes sacrifice and a spiritual death of the way things use to be. It teaches us to be flexible in situations of chaos, recognizing that these times are necessary for transformations of higher frequencies to take place. Bloodstone is a great cleanser and amplifier of positive vibrations. In situations of stress, it can imbue relief from mental exhaustion and clear a path for sharper decision making. 


This crystal is one of the most important for full realignment of the chakra system, allowing the etheric body and energy to flow smoothly. Bloodstone secures your place on this earth by attuning the root chakra for deeper connection, protection and grounding. It also opens your heart chakra frequency to greater universal and unconditional love.


Please note: Crystals vary in size and color and may not match depictions.

Tumbled Bloodstone

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