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This master healer can amplify all energies including the energy of a person, crystal, plant, and radio frequencies. It has the ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy which is why it is used in frequency controls of electric circuits, cell phones, and more. These properties make clear quartz one of the most effective crystals for healing, expanding consciousness, enhancing meditations, as well as speaking with spirit guides and accessing past lives. Clear quartz brings in negative ions and blocks out positive ions which cleanses a person's aura. This brings overall balance, and harmonizes all the chakras. It helps to connect the physical dimension to the higher mind unlocking psychic abilities and accessing long lost memories. In addition, it blocks off negative frequencies in the air; protecting the body of electromagnetic frequencies and petrochemical emanations. 


  • Amplifying crystals and energies
  • Connection to every chakra
  • Master healing
  • Clarity of mind
  • Manifesting Intentions 
  • Opening the Mind


Please note: Crystals vary by size and color and may not match depictions.

Tumbled Clear points Quartz Crystal

  • All sales are final. If an item arrives damaged please contact us with a photo of the damaged product. Upon review we will send you a new one, however we reserve the right to refuse this courtesy on a case by case basis.

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